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- Give me fifteen years

This is going to be more of a 'mein aur mere awesome log' blog post, so to the people I don't really know, I apologize. You may leave. If you want.

The other day (only yesterday actually), I was thinking about how our lives would change over the years. And I started wondering what we would be like. Where would we be? Will we still be as k3wL? And I was like *whoa* gotta blog about this. It's a topic worth exploring. So, let's get on with it. Remember this is just all my point of view. It could be very very different from the truth. I'm no fortune tella. Like gagabiryani spawnz.


Fifteen years from now, I see Daw settled in Europe with her family. Two boys and a girl on the way maybe. Two cats. A really nice doctor she'd be. With her own little clinic. Her kids would be very intelligent, and artistic at the same time. They would have huge eyes, like hers. Her house would be somewhere remote, where she'd have a nice little plot behind it. She'd grow vegetables and flowers there, and if it's not getting too cliched, throw in a tiny stream too. All in all, it would be a perfect sanctuary.


Malice, in fifteen years, will be an exceptional surgeon, with her charity hospital running smoothly and her MAKBU (M- Aga Khan B- University) one of the most sought after by pre med students. Ofcourse she'd only let in O level then Inter students. She'd be engaged to a hot shot doctor, and he would be a workaholic like her. He would help her build her dreams and also charm her by his chivalrous nature.


I think she'd be married, with five kids and one adopted from Cambodia or something. I'm not sure if she'd be a doctor (sorry Mehsen) but I kinda see her being an awesome business person. Doing something cool like being an event organizer or maybe an artist with her work displayed all over. The point being, she would be moderately and respectably famous in fifteen years.


Kickass surgeon. Married. Two kids. Position holder kids, btw jsyk. Kids who won't get to eat chaat ever, since their mom is sucha nice hygiene loving daacterni. Her husband you ask? Filthy rich and smoking hot. (It's because I like you Paddy)


Aloo would be some high ranking political person. She'd own a chain of classy restaurants too.Appearance? High heeled shoes and huge sunglasses sitting on top of her now over sized hair. She'd still be the prettiest one around, and would be dating this international athlete. (lolwut? yeah)


Settled in the US. Two kids. Doctor. Working at HUGE hospital. Shopaholic.


Married. Dentist. Five kids, one daughter. Settled somewhere abroad. Would be regularly seen in catwoman suit for some strange obnoxious mysterious reason.


She'd be a housewife. Like, complete housewife. Cookie baking, biryani making housewife. She'd have a beautifully decorated home, complete with pictures taken by herself. Her kids would have the neatest uniforms and the coolest stationary. She'd attend kitty parties and have a cooking/photography/relationship advice column in a magazine, and would be sufficiently rich. Married to BKhan of course. He'd sing to her all day as she would cook kheer for him in ze kitchen.

I'm really really sorry for missing out SO many people on my very close friends list. This is very random, and I just wrote whatever came to my mind. I might post more, but I'm very sporadic at posting themed stuff and probably won't. Anyhoo.

Comment and tell me how you see me in fifteen years.

Cheers! xx


Mehsen said...

I don't see myself being a doctor either. HAHA! Too. Many. Kids.


Maria said...

JSYK, Europe is a long shot!
Spot on with the kids and cat, though ;)
I love the one about Aloo. So darn accurate - (maybe? *twinkly eyed*)

I see you with a D&C original handbag, the best-dressed doc trailing around with young internees busy in organising party for the new lot.
And I see something secret. (Dawson baba ki chamat-kari prediction, but that I saved for only if it does come true).
Suffice to know that you'll still be a precious jewel on the outside, and a gem on the inside.

Sychh said...

Awww, Daw. :)

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