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***EDIT***- It's Raining FREE IPODS!

No it's not. But it's this contest I entered. I don't know if it's real but be nice and vote for me anyways?

Dua doon gi.

You can vote for me here. And help spread the word too? ^^

Here are some dancing Kangaroos for you.



It's a scam. -___-
I had 152 votes in the morning, and 68 right now, which is 11.45 PM. Whattay failz.

-Cement Mixers

Hello all, especially my followers! You guys are 31 now which is awesome. I know I can't put that achievement on my resume but it still means a lot to me. ^^

Today was Nestle's seminar on Osteoporosis at college. It was pretty informative despite the fact that more than half of the attendees were premed students and we already knew all that shit. Anyhow, it was still pretty useful. Why am I mentioning this here? BECAUSE WE GOT FREE CREAM. Nestle Cream. Two packs. TWO. Free.

And SL won a couple of Nesvita glasses for answering a quiz question which was pretty kickass, since she wanted them so bad. Congrats baby. Even though you think my sentences are too long.

Another eventful (maybe?) thing. I burnt my gown. A huge hole in my sleeve. I'll have to get a new one now. =__=


I realized today how awesome they are. They are huge things. Which mix cement for you. Khud sey hi. AND you can ride in them at the same time.

It doesn't end here. I would please like you to give me one minute of your time. Now think. A transparent cement mixer. A bottle of instant coffee. Lots of milk. Sugar. Cream. Mix.

If your mind is blown, you officially have an awesome imagination. If not, you belong to the species from which SL and MS take their genes. Meh.

Also, a shout out to SJ, the coolest and most epic chem lab partner. With a guy who has rum AND hash in his name.

AJ+MA you were missed.

I should stop now.

- Long road trips

Living in Karachi automatically means that half of your life will be spent in commuting all over the huge city.

When I was a kid, I used to pretend that Cheetara* from the thundercats was running alongside my car, jumping over obstacles and sliding on top of other cars.

It made the 40 minute journey from home to school less mundane.

*I think I imagined Cheetara because she was the only one who would be able to keep up with the speed of the car. Smart kid I was, if I may say so myself. ^_^

- So much green.

New blaaag on the block.

Here's my friend MA. (Jeremiah) She has a blog, and it's pretty kick-ass. The thing is she doesn't know it. Yet. Go over and read her stuff, and tell her how awesome she is.

Aaaand. Her latest post is about me: YAY.



You can bribe me by giving me a Mr. Burger Raspberry Slushie. Yeah yeah, I know, owmaigaawd Mr. Burger izz sOo LaMez haina?

No. It's not. It has awesome brownies. And this heavenly slushie.


- Cinderella.

Remember when you were a child, and you wanted something really bad? I had lots of things but since I usually got most of them, being the ungrateful human I am, I forgot about most.

What I do remember is the thing I couldn't have. Even though I wanted it really really bad. I'd wish for it every night before sleeping and imagined how cool it would be to play with it.

The Cinderella Barbie doll.

It was sparkly and shiny. With an elegant blue gown. And the princess crown. I can see why I was attracted to it. I was a Disney child. It must've seemed magical to own a character I grew up watching.

It wasn't really that expensive, just Rs. 2000. That's not very expensive is it? I tried saving up too. It didn't work out.

Every time I passed the shop I used to go in and look at the doll, then assure myself that I'd come back to get it when I had enough money.

I asked people too. But they forgot. Or maybe thought they'd get it for my birthday or whatever, and then forgot? Anyhoo. I didn't get it.

I realized that it still hurts a little when I was telling MA about this and she told me she had the exact same thing! Wow, what a coincidence. Unfortunately, she gave it away to someone so I can't see it. Sad.

She was even more beautiful than the picture above. And her dress was blue.

EDIT: This was when I was like ten or something.


I'm in that zone right now. The mood in which nothing can touch me, nothing matters. The contentment and the happiness is all there, independent of any external factors. I don't know how long this will last, it usually doesn't last very long. But it's wonderful. For HP junkies, it's like I've had a sip of Felix Felicis.

I know my result is about to come, and I don't care. No, I know it's going to be great. Not specifically in the sense that I get a good percentage but the fact that whatever happens, I'll get through it. I'm capable enough of making something good of myself and I know that.

This is one of the reasons I'm writing this mawkish old post, I want to remember all this, because I know when this mood passes, I'll be sh*t scared.

But atleast going through this post can remind me of my trust in God's plan. He has a plan, he'll get me there.

I'm going to stop writing and relish this moment now, thank you.


Twitter is officially cool. Fur realz.

I don't tweet much but I was online yesterday and I tweeted to Jason Castro welcoming him back to his youtube datenights because he's gone out of touch with his fans ever since his marriage in Jan 2010.

I was going through my mentions right now and I found that he had replied. OMG.

If this would've happened in grade 9th, I might've had a cardiac arrest.

P.s. I really want paloosa, zashy, happy bug and deeba to read this since they'll be able to relate to my happiness. Oh, and ofcourse, my flashaaz.

- Dekho dekho kaun mashoor hogaya bhei

Pervez Musharraf. Nai, vo pehley hi mashoor tha. His visit to Manchester. Here's the video.

Orange sweater. My friend. MAK. Woohoo.

And here's a bonus picture by SS. It's so beautiful, with the sun in it's perfectly fiery shade, and the bird sitting so calmly unaware of the enigmatic entity behind it. What a shot S!

- Nihari

Remember the Nihari I talked about earlier and couldn't upload the pics since I had conveniently dropped my phone in the commode?

Here, my phone's miraculously working. The pikchawzzz.

-HaWt Bwoiz

Hello, meet my friends. First up is Jeremiah. He's from Armenia. Hayastan. He has red hair. He can play the guitar and loves Imran Khan. He loves sky diving, bungee jumping and helps me devise plans to take over the world.

Up next is Sikandar. Sikandar has a very short temper but when it comes to his gf he's very sweet at heart. Sikandar says: "I cAn d0 anYfiN fO maH frnXx cuX deY r My Lyf". He has beaten up several guys to defend his 'jigarz'.

They are the hottest guys I have ever seen.
Edit: It's me and MA, a friend of mine, playing dress-up. Daunt confuze.

-NSFW, sort of.

Warning: Click the link only if you're okay with partial nudity.


I've been wanting to write about this for a long time, but I kept putting it off since I thought it would sound too clichéd or boring. But today, I found this while browsing the internet and it made me feel really happy.

It's a link that leads you to pictures of a photo shoot of plus size models. Beautiful women, with curves. No, I'm not putting this up since I'm biased towards curvy people but just because it gives me great pleasure to see people not associating beauty with someone's size.

Skinny people are beautiful, so are curvy people. Ultimately it's how you carry yourself.

Same goes for starving/dieting/working out. Doing it as SS said "to maintain a healthy lifestyle", and not being obsessed with losing weight for anything else than for your own satisfaction.

At the end of the day: It's your body, your life and the feeling you get when you look at yourself in the mirror.

So keep eating, stay healthy and be happy no matter what you do! Cheers. xx

- The pearly frame

- Burning through my darkest night

- Purple Skies

Coffee shop chronicles

I was reading the same book again. It was like an old friend. The creases, blots, tears. All the familiar imperfections that made it mine. That reminded me that the book had survived this journey with me.

I carry it around as a mask. My book. I hide behind it. I love to observe things with the scarlet cover shading the lower half of my face while my charcoal eyes hungrily devour the scenery through the mesh of matted eyelashes. Sometimes mascaraed.

I've been told my book makes me look anti-social. It's like a barrier. Between me and them. The people I observe. Who could be my friends if I tried a little. But the book separates them from me.


I had never observed him. But he had observed me. I've been thwarted.

He walked up to me and gave me a new copy of the book. He said, without a smile, "It's worn out, your copy."

It's not a barrier anymore.


I've been having a busy week. Eventful. I'm going to list stuff now, don't feel like writing in a paragraph.

1. At college yesterday my cellphone slipped from my pocket and fell in the commode. :(
2. Some really big events are in process for which I found potential sponsors too. :D
3. MA won't show her face at college. :(
4. SL won't stop effing critisizing every effing move I make. -__-
5. I haven't bonded with my girls for a long long time. :(

OH. This is turning out to be a whiny post. So what. Mera blog hai. Mein karungi whine. Whine, whine, whine. Okay I'm done.

6. I ate nihari at a proper hotel (read 'hottal'). Delicious. I took pictures but, they were in my phone. (refer to point 1)
7. I travelled in a public bus. Starline zindabad.
8. FREE FOOD. Yeah there was this quiz at college after which they gave the guests and organizing committee free food. Being in the council has it's perks. Very tasty perks. ^^

I guess I'm just pmsing. The week wasn't that bad. See, blogging makes me feel better.

I would've written more but I think I'm just rant-
Hey I was sayi-
What the he-

Yeah thats what I feel like at college aj kal. We're getting pretty impatient and mean with each other, I've noticed. Gotta work on that. Letting the other person complete their sentences.

Conclusion, conclusion. Everyone who reads this, please pray for my lovely friend SS's grandpa. He's in the hospital and your prayers would really mean a lot to her, and to me. Thanks :)

Yawn. I'm going to go eat a cupcake now.

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