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- The Crazy Test

Paranoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizoid Personality Disorder:Low
Schizotypal Personality Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Personality Disorder:Low
Borderline Personality Disorder:Low
Histrionic Personality Disorder:High
Narcissistic Personality Disorder:High
Avoidant Personality Disorder:Low
Dependent Personality Disorder:Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate

-- Take the Personality Disorder Test --
-- Personality Disorder Info --

Yeah. These are my results. Go ahead, take it. The most it'll do is hurt your self-esteem a little.  

- Result.

It's okay, I mean it isn't horrible. But lower than what I was expecting. Shoutout to the R-Pakistan: MS for getting a brilliant percentage.

Also, my regular stars, Malice, Edwartiya, Jia and Paddy. Proud of you guys ^^

What can you do to end violence against women? Take Back The Tech!

- The library keeps me sane

- Dear Universe,

Sometimes I wonder why you choose to be so tough on her. I know she's a strong person, but that doesn't justify everyone looking towards her for support. She's just a frail little soul. Who blames herself too much for stuff that doesn't involve her.

So, dear universe, I know you like testing her and stuff but please, be nice to her. She's sweet and she cares about you, return the favour?



I think this post has been somewhat inspired by Improbable Letters by NSKY.

- vingt-cinq. That's french for '25'.

Or so the translator tells me. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, you have to post 25 random things about yourself if you're tagged. If you're reading this, you have been tagged.

1. Ambulances excite me. In a curious/want-to-help/let-me-operate-on-the-patient way.

2. I'm strangely attracted to gay men*. Which is a lost cause. Which is irresistible. Which makes me a sadist yes?

3. I'm scared of the power of /b/.

4. My childhood has been ruined by rule 34 of thundercats.

5.Walnut brownies are the only brownies I can have. I cannot eat glazed brownies. No chocolate topping. I want to throw up if I have more than one bite of chocolate.**

6. I like puns. 

7. I want to meet Johnny Depp and Zachary Quinto.

8. I am, and forever will be, a Harry Potter fan.

9. I need money for HNMUN. =___=

10. I need a nice camera.

11. I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon. Or an anchor. Or a screen writer. Or a princess. Jo bhi miljaye, I'm not very selective.

12. I like men who respect women. (READ: I will probably never talk to you again if I find out you're a pretentious male.)

13. Although I do appreciate sexist jokes. It makes me feel as if sexism is something to be made fun of. Eg. 'How is she typing this post? Are laptops allowed in the kitchen?'

14. I LOVE bursting out in song.

15. I LOVE people who follow my lead when I burst out in song.

16. Imran Khan songs make me happy.

17. I want to travel. A lot. Like, the whole world. I know this is clichéd but I really do. 

18. I love my siblings. Seriously. They give me hope.

19. I love Simba's undying and unconditional love for me, even though I neglect it at times. Simba, btw, is my brother's German Shepherd.

20. I don't like math. Math does not like me. The feeling is mutual.

21. Grey's Anatomy is the best thing evar. After heroes of course. Then comes FRIENDS, Family Guy and Scrubs.

22. BB season 4. *starts crying with the guilt* What can I do, it's a guilty pleasure =[

23. I want to learn how to speak at least one more language. At least. I'm thinking Pushtu, Spanish or French.

24. I'm into retro/ Sufi Pakistani music.

25. I had more trouble writing these now then I had two years ago. Does it mean I'm more careful with self censorship now?

**Dark chocolate is a slight exception

*On tv. I do not know any gay men irl.


Anyhoo, the following are the random-25's from my facebook from two years ago. The ones that don't apply anymore or aren't relevant/important are crossed out.

1. I love all the people i just tagged. I'm sorry if you're not there. I might have forgotten you, forgive me. Or, i might have not put your name up for a reason. Take a hint. :P 

2. I love putting full-stops in my sentences, while typing. I have 5 in the sentence above. 

3. English is one of the few things im good at. and i am VERY protective of that fact. Therefore, i am rightly threatened by huda, maliha and kay. 

4. I love edward cullen. And I noe he doesnt exist, but i still argue the contrary with huda, just to see her exhasperation. I love it when she's shocked and surprised by my random crazy thoughts. 

5. Ive cried an approx. five times about leaving school already. 

6. I starved myself since last july for the farewell-saari-wearing-occasion,which gave me head-aches, nausea and a permanent back/head ache.And then starting stuffing my face a month from today. So now, I have to starve myself again, and hope i fit my saari. :| 

7. I have very few all-time favourites. Instead, I have obsession periods. Like for eg, im in love with dairy milk right now, while a month ago, it was bounty, snickers before that and twix a while before bounty. So I never now wat to say if someone asks me my favourite stuff.:| 

8. I do have some very SPECIFIC things that are my all-time favourites: Johnny Depp, Jason Castro, Coffee, White flowers, Hugo Boss intense (women) being some of them. 

9. I like almost everything and everyone. Its a looong story. It started in grade 8, when I discovered how I had to be sweet-polite-non bitchy to people if I wanted votes. So I stopped snapping and commenting and insulting ppl. After a while, i realised nothing ever bothered/pissed me off anymore. And I became naturally tolerant. I like this story, cux even if my intentions at first were to change myself for selfish reasons, I did come out as a wayy better person. 

10. I wanna grow my nails for the farewell. But i cant. Im a council-member. 

11. I lose stuff alot. I hate it! I am trying to overcome this, but I can't. 

12. I care about global warming. I do not leave my appliances on stand-by. 

13. I suck at math. It took my 3 tries to count if i had tagged all 25 ppl. 

14. I love sheena. And I dunno what in the world I would do without her. 

15. And I love the rest of my crazy family too. 

16. I love to think about the fact that if I get married really early and have kids, abdullah and abdulrehman will be only slightly older than them and then, my kids will have cool mamoos.:D 

17. I really wish tattoos were okay in Islam.:[ 

18. I can cook. This surprises most people. 

19. I have met a justin timberlake look alike who works as a waiter in the agha raza juice shop and a jason castro look alike who works at Mc Donalds. 

20. I become friends with ppl real easy. Which is sad. As when I find out stuff about them that goes against my basic morals, I have to let go. And that is painful since I get attached to people really fast. 

21. My all time favourite sweet heart teachers are Mrs. Abbas, Mrs. Tasneem Zaheer and Mrs. Tahira Arif. 

22. I hate when people are negative. No, im not pretending im an angel but since ive become a council member Ive realised how much it hurts when someone talks about you. Bad, untrue stuff that is. 
[ Dont get me wrong. I ♥ being in the council.] 

23. I live for Television. and computers. and arts. and music. and love. yeah that sums it up. 

24. Most ordinary things make me high. Like icecream, chocolates, pepsi and candy. Ash and Pallu think i just pretend im high, to have an excuse for doing the things I do. I think they might be right. Might. 

25. No I haven't seen slumdog millionaire yet. But I still know what 'AMITABH BACHHAN' means. Courtesy: Dawsoo and Maham. 

- Third day of Eid

Almond cake.





4chan's /x/ board.

Creepypasta. Yum.

Eid Moo-barak!

My favourite festival I think yes. Eid-ul-Adha.

Reasons? Food, food and FOOD.

Haha, no but really. It's awesome. The BBQs plus eidi, plus tending to the animals. 

I named my goat 'cheero' this year. Made everyone at home call it cheero. CHEERO.

RIP cheero.

Some stuff I'd like to point out today is firstly for us Muslims to remember the essence of Qurbani. The essence of sacrifice. Rejoicing with the poor, so that they have what you have all year round. Rising above our own wishes and giving them up for a higher purpose. Secondly, please please be nice to your animals. Take care of them. They are the vessels that carry your sacrifice to God, and you need to be kind to them. Not make them run all night in the streets like crazed lunatics when you know the animal will be sacrificed the next morning.

I got very interesting greetings this year, two of which I'd like to type out here:

"Wishing you and your family a very blessed eid day. May our sacrifices transcend from material to spiritual. Let us share our happiness with everyone." - Manaal Memon


"I saw a cow pooping. LITERALLY. I was in the car and this cow was at eye level, and I turn around to see youknowwhat coming out of it's youknowwhere. I have been scarred for life. I must scar you too now. So there. Eid Moobarak." - Huda Qadir

Two very different, very touching greetings. Ha ha.

Lastly, remember this:

"It's neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allah, but it is piety from you that reaches Him" 22:37

- Another one of those bomb blasts.

They happen quite often really. So insensitive have we become that usually a bomb blast just means numbers and facts and bits of news to us.

"Kitney maray*?"

"15 and 80 injured."


But this time, it was one of those events that shake me to the bone. Why? Because it was too close. Not to me bhei. It was near where my best friend lives. MDD. And where her dad works. She is safe Alhamdulillah, and so is her dad, since he decided to leave office early today. I couldn't stop thanking God for this. But. What about the people who didn't survive? What about their friends? Their family?

It's sad. And pathetic. I'm pathetic. Since I can't do anything. I desperately want to tell these people to GTFO of my country if they don't like it. It was made for Muslims. Not Muslims who are judgmental and want to blow people up if they don't listen. But Muslims who were peaceful, tolerant and propagated Islam not by the power of the sword but by the peace it radiates from it's very core.


*how many dead?

- The pen is mightier than the sword

- Give me fifteen years

This is going to be more of a 'mein aur mere awesome log' blog post, so to the people I don't really know, I apologize. You may leave. If you want.

The other day (only yesterday actually), I was thinking about how our lives would change over the years. And I started wondering what we would be like. Where would we be? Will we still be as k3wL? And I was like *whoa* gotta blog about this. It's a topic worth exploring. So, let's get on with it. Remember this is just all my point of view. It could be very very different from the truth. I'm no fortune tella. Like gagabiryani spawnz.


Fifteen years from now, I see Daw settled in Europe with her family. Two boys and a girl on the way maybe. Two cats. A really nice doctor she'd be. With her own little clinic. Her kids would be very intelligent, and artistic at the same time. They would have huge eyes, like hers. Her house would be somewhere remote, where she'd have a nice little plot behind it. She'd grow vegetables and flowers there, and if it's not getting too cliched, throw in a tiny stream too. All in all, it would be a perfect sanctuary.


Malice, in fifteen years, will be an exceptional surgeon, with her charity hospital running smoothly and her MAKBU (M- Aga Khan B- University) one of the most sought after by pre med students. Ofcourse she'd only let in O level then Inter students. She'd be engaged to a hot shot doctor, and he would be a workaholic like her. He would help her build her dreams and also charm her by his chivalrous nature.


I think she'd be married, with five kids and one adopted from Cambodia or something. I'm not sure if she'd be a doctor (sorry Mehsen) but I kinda see her being an awesome business person. Doing something cool like being an event organizer or maybe an artist with her work displayed all over. The point being, she would be moderately and respectably famous in fifteen years.


Kickass surgeon. Married. Two kids. Position holder kids, btw jsyk. Kids who won't get to eat chaat ever, since their mom is sucha nice hygiene loving daacterni. Her husband you ask? Filthy rich and smoking hot. (It's because I like you Paddy)


Aloo would be some high ranking political person. She'd own a chain of classy restaurants too.Appearance? High heeled shoes and huge sunglasses sitting on top of her now over sized hair. She'd still be the prettiest one around, and would be dating this international athlete. (lolwut? yeah)


Settled in the US. Two kids. Doctor. Working at HUGE hospital. Shopaholic.


Married. Dentist. Five kids, one daughter. Settled somewhere abroad. Would be regularly seen in catwoman suit for some strange obnoxious mysterious reason.


She'd be a housewife. Like, complete housewife. Cookie baking, biryani making housewife. She'd have a beautifully decorated home, complete with pictures taken by herself. Her kids would have the neatest uniforms and the coolest stationary. She'd attend kitty parties and have a cooking/photography/relationship advice column in a magazine, and would be sufficiently rich. Married to BKhan of course. He'd sing to her all day as she would cook kheer for him in ze kitchen.

I'm really really sorry for missing out SO many people on my very close friends list. This is very random, and I just wrote whatever came to my mind. I might post more, but I'm very sporadic at posting themed stuff and probably won't. Anyhoo.

Comment and tell me how you see me in fifteen years.

Cheers! xx

-- Aaaaa.

I was writing this really nice blog post but my head hurts really bad. So bad in fact that I wrote 'heart' instead of 'hurt' in my previous sentence before correcting. So I'm going to have to write it later. It's sad really, it was a fun topic and I was enjoying myself. Chai la key do mujhey koi. *sniff*

WebMD says I have Acute Sinusitis. For those of you who do not know what WebMD is, it's a really cool reference website for doctors. Especially great if you're going to be a doctor in the future. Do check it out motheryards.

--Laughter guaranteed. WATCH THIS.


- An appetizing convo

Credit: FJ.

- I want this.

Cyanide and Happiness plush doll.

-- Stop ruining my virtual social life!

Facebook has decided to go full bitch mode on me. No one except me can view my wall, my status updates (unless they are tagged) and my quiz results.

I feel like I'm wearing the invisibility cloak while surfing, but in a bad way. Since there is no Voldy on fb and I seriously don't want to hide from my fraanz. I like my fraanz. I want them to stalk me.

Oh. He is on facebook.

I've reported this issue twice (with screenshots) but they're not fixing it.

Will I be wall-less forever? Let's hope not.

Take 15 seconds to pray for my wall and it's return please. Thank you.

--- I yam stalkerbabe123

Yeah. Knowing about someone is stalking.

Which makes me, stalkerbabe123. Woohoo.
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