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Movies and Bunnies

Heres a link that I found through stumbleupon which I couldn't stop myself from sharing. It's re-enactments of your favourite movies in 30 seconds...with Bunnies!

Must watch!

Humanity Fail

The image is a question posted on Yahoo! Answers. The text in the image is:

"Can eating live goldfish be dangerous?

I'm raising money for a missions trip and this seems like a good idea to raise funds at my church. For even fifty dollars I raise I will eat a gold fish! Is this dangerous I'm pretty fearless?

For all you animal activist:

Keep your coments to your self about it being cruel the thing doesn't even know what is happening it doesn't have a soul. Oh and by the way in the bible it says we have power over animals!
  • 1 year ago

Additional Details

guys an animal is an animal! When it dies it goes no where. When you where little and your mom said your dog went to heven your mom lied!! Sorry but animals don't have a thought process some may but I highly doubt a goldfish does!

1 year ago"


Okay, no I don’t really care if you possess them or not. I want to have them for myself. Really.




What: The ability to move objects with your mind.

On a small scale, the point would be simple. I am lazy. And by acquiring this power it would take me *snaps her fingers* to finish boring chores. On a larger, more noble scale, it would be so cool to help out the poor little people who cant lift their loads. I could point a finger and they wouldn’t even know why their ‘bori’ full of bricks is suddenly lighter.

But please don’t cross me. I love the way Sylar uses his ability. I might just test it on you.



What: The ability to ‘talk’ to machines.

Yeah sure you can have the remote, cause I can just send my technopathic shizz waves over to the tv and switch all 300+ channels to where Grey’s Anatomy is airing.

Running low on cash? No sweat. I’ll just ‘talk’ to my buddy, the atm machine and viola!

I think no further explanation is needed. If you’ve seen Eagle Eye, you’ll agree that this is one super power that could definitely single-handedly lead to world domination.



What: The ability to heal injuries or diseases at a rapid rate to cause complete recovery in a short time.

World’s most famous doctor I would be. Oh and all of the helping people shit. That’d be sweet too.


Enhanced Memory.

What: Ability to remember each piece of information accurately and correctly.

Only one reason for this. Exams. Bas. I will not even try to find another nobler cause to have this power, although I probably could if I tried. It kind of all begins here doesn’t it. Being smart.

Note that being smart and being able to remember stuff is not the same. Analytical approach, if not present, can render this power into a simple circus act.



What: The ability to propel oneself through the air.

The sexiest power ever. It’s usefulness still confuses me. If not coupled with another power it could be just an ornament rather than a crime fighting capability.


Enhanced Synesthesia.

What: The ability to ‘see’ sound waves as different colours based on the emotions they carry.

It’s just so pretty
J Seeing music. How beautiful.


Empathic manipulation.

What: The ability to control people's emotions.

My number one choice is this. If you can control people’s emotions, you take over anything. Definitely a winner. Even tops Technopathy on the world domination scale.

But conclusively, I would just like to say that the power of the ability depends on the skill of the person who possesses it. Like my brother says, “Goli ki tezi chalaney waley k hath mey hoti hai”. (The speed of the bullet depends on the shooter’s skill.)

Any cool powers I missed? Tell me in the comments here, facebook or twitter!

Thanks for reading! J

The Sun

Most people find the moon romantic. With me, I choose the other celestial body. The shiniest, brightest star known to man. Its existance breathes life into everything. Warm, comforting, strong and awesome. The sun.

It makes my insides turn to jelly, honestly. How did God create such magnificance? And I can't begin to encompass how utterly magnificant God Himself is.

Point to the post: Look around you. Look more closely at the things you ignore every day. Cloud patterns, leaf veins, your own heartbeat. You'll feel the magic, I promise. And if you don't, meh, you're probably retarded. Or like Munazza.

(Apologies Mani)


Twilight Fans

This link expires July 5th 2010.

An Eclipse Novella, about Bree Tanner. Remember, the only newborn survivor from Victoria's army, who was later killed (is that the word?) by the Volturi.

This is the story of her short second life.


So Shiny

I noticed this yesterday. His hair is SO shiny. Daikhain aap zara. Kya style hai.

Okay maybe not this one. =__=

Bitter Chocolate

First of all, I am really sorry my (one, two, three) readers, for posting after such a long break. It's because my laptop had to go for repair, and I don't feel comfortable blogging from somewhere else. It's like hosting a party at someone else's home. Doesn't feel quite right inside my head. Weird, I know.

Getting to the actual thought behind this post. I've had it for quite a while. A week or maybe more than that since I visited the place I'm talking about then. So here goes.

A new super market has opened up near my place, and by near I mean one minute walk. I like visiting it a lot. I'm usually not into shopping for groceries and stuff but this market is...appealing. To all of my senses. It looks colourful and bright. Its new so there isn't a crowd of obnoxious shoppers pushing against you and the best of all is the smell. The smell of candy and air conditioning and shampoos and beauty products.

I rarely ever buy anything expensive. Elaborate shopping just once a couple of months. But I always buy Nestle' Yoghurt 25 gms. Always. The cashier probably recognises me now by that little thing.

This particular time of which I am talking about, I had one of my strange chocolate fits. And once I had scanned the scarily huge candy aisle my craving had been sedated. Suddenly, my eyes came across a tiny little green packet of unfamiliar bitter and mint chocolate. Of course its a bad idea trying out new flavours especially when you don't trust the manufacturer but I was feeling very adventurous and I bought the suspicious looking little box. I found it nice. Not delicious. Not yummy. Not something you'd want over and over. But it was my little adventure, my little decision, my bitterness to digest. So I did it with happiness, and enjoyed every bit of the chocolate.

Point to this post: Nothing, really. Unless you go wayyyy deep and take this as some samurai master's life lesson to be learnt by chocolate.

P.s. I once read in Young Times that chocolate can kill cats. I don't know if thats true but it surely is interesting. Makes the flavour 'death by chocolate' much more literal.

What can I do shiny hair distracts me

Thank you NP/SKY for this picture. Thank you random guy, for dyeing your hair such an intensely attractive colour.

So Very Sad

Every once in too short a while, thanks to our dear "peace loving" friends around the world, my usually petty worries are replaced by real genuine depression.

Yes, I'm referring to the attack on the Gaza aid flotilla.

Okay first of all, I refuse to call it a flotilla. Because in the actual sense of the word, a flotilla is a fleet of armed ships when this one was clearly on an aid mission that consisted of civilians, not soldiers or fighters.

These people on board were journalists and representatives of Non Government Organisations from over 40 countries. They were not fighters. I repeat. They were not fighters. Something that really caught my attention was the defending statement from Israel that I read on several websites:

" Israel defended its actions, saying its soldiers were ambushed with knives and metal bars — as well as handguns wrested from the commandos."

Do you see it? Can you picture it? On one side are completely armed Commandos while on the other are harmless civilians fighting for their lives and honour with mere knives and metal bars? The chaos that would've ensued makes me shudder.

My heart goes out to each and every one of these people and their families, but mostly for our own journalist Syed Talat Hussain and his producer Raza Agha who are still missing. It's devastating to realize that this feeling that I get whenever I think of them must be a constant companion to their family members. May they return safe and unharmed (Ameen).

Doesn't this scenario remind you of something? A journalist, one who has a family, travelling to another country as part of his job. Being captured by terrorists. Now missing.

Daniel Pearl.

How is this any different than what happened to him? God forbid our journalists face the same end will there be anyone interested in making a movie? Jolie? Are you up for the role of Talat's wife? No? I thought so.

All I can say in conclusion is that I hope the 600+ who have been captured safely return to their loved ones. May the shuhada rest in peace. And may this scenario end out in peace. But if this turns into a war, I hope my leaders know which side we are supposed to be on.
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