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Epic? I think so.

I don't think I need to say anything at all.

Katy Perry + Ryan Seacrest

Jaag mere Council Member

Today was a hectic day, but I'm not complaining since this was exactly what I had been wanting for since a long time. A nice gruelling day that leaves me exhausted yet satisfied with myself. Like the ones I had while interning for SIUT.

My sad monotonous life is finally getting a little excitement, thanks to the voluntary program I've joined: Jaag mere taalib e ilm. Also, I have been elected Joint Secretary of the students council.

Time for some action!

I can but I wont

I discovered a way to access Facebook in Pakistan. Woot woot.

Don't get me wrong, like one of my friends did and started preaching me about how Un-Islamic it is resulting in a heated discussion which burnt a hearty amount of my brain cells and also destroyed my bad-ass rebellion mood.

I only did it so that I know I can, but I wont because I choose to. Get it? I have the power. :)

This is what I call I boycott. My conscience feels pretty pious now. Like the above mentioned friend stated, 'Zamir strong hona chahiye.' ( Your conscience should be strong )

Hair-do? Hair-don't?

I'm confused as how to rate this epic piece of di-coloured mane sprouting from Jared Leto's head as he performs in Radio 1's big weekend at Wales. All I can say is, it makes me want to eat his hair. Like a huge bit of nicely shaped candy floss. I told you its a scary place, my brain.

Photo Courtesy: Samir Hussein/Getty Images
I found this image at No copyright infringement intended.

Yeah, virgins get cravings too.

Its 4:37 am and I'm having fake hunger pangs. You see I call them fake since I already had my dinner and these are just being stimulated by my mind since my heart really really loves this food. Its like when I see a hot guy on tv, and I know its not love, but my heart still tries to pretend its love to fill that tiny little space reserved for teenage hormonal activity.

So heres the food that I desire would appear in front of me right now. But I'm grateful its not, since my diet is going pretty well and I don't want to gain those pounds again. Its a weird combination though.

Salad- Pizza Hut

Chicken Wings

Choco Mousse

Pistachio Ice cream

Sadly, I cant have everything in life. If I could, Miley Cyrus wouldn't still be breathing and I would be driving around in a GT Carrera. Oh God that is one smokin' car.

Black Hole

Its so weird. When I had absolutely no time to do anything except grind my nose against those ragged and probably mite infested inter books, my mind would flood with fantastical ideas of how best to spend my summer.

Now that summer is finally here, the very same mind which refused to retain anything academic in its oh-so-glamorous depths has turned into a black hole. Empty and useless.

(I would like to apologize to black holes everywhere for this unfit comparison to my mind since black holes are super cool, really.)

Getting back to the morbid reality which is called 'my life'. Okay so maybe its not that bad. I mean, I'm better off than a lot of people in this world. Like the Haitians with their earth quake, the Afghans with their war and Justin Bieber with his pubescent voice. I don't have those adversities going on with me. I have absolutely no excitement going on for me either.

The highlight of my day is my dinner time movie nowadays, which I download off torrents. Facebook is dead, my creativity is dead, Heroes is dead.

Yes, they bloody killed my show. My epic epic show. *Calming Breaths*

Above all, my lovelies are all so busy with their A levels/practicals/other-shit-which-they-obviously-think-is-more-important-than-meeting-up-with-me that I havent been out with my girls since the time we stopped for subway after the zoology exam.

This post is starting to reflect the morbid state of my mind now, so I shall cut it off here.

On a fresher note, I have started watching 'glee' and Mark Salling is one fine looking guy. ;)

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